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Why Climb with Granite Arches? 

Selecting a guide or guide service is an important decision (click here for reasons why).  At Granite Arches you can be assured of a quality outing.  Granite Arches promises to provide three things:

1) Expert Instruction from a Qualified Guide 
Expert instruction means that when you climb with Granite Arches, you are climbing with a terrific instructor that has ample experience to help manage the risks of climbing.  See our guide pages for info on our guides.

2)  All necessary equipment
This includes ropes, harness, helmet and other necessities.  Non-essential gear (climbing shoes) can be rented for a nominal fee.

3)  Exceptional Service
Granite Arches provides personal service before, during, and after the climb.  

Before the climb
, we try hard to make guiding arrangements easy with online form downloads, credit card and electronic payment systems, and cell phone contact options.  

During the climb, we provide exceptional guiding and instruction (see above), and record the progress of each client for future reference. 

After the climb, we stay in touch with our clients and are available to answer questions on everything from technical systems to climbing equipment purchases.  In addition, we can


Shoot digital images of each client (except in event of camera failure!)


Post some images on the web to allow easy sharing (click here for a recent example).


Provide large format image files of the entire outing on a directory for download.











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Disclaimer: Rock, snow, and ice climbing and related activities are inherently dangerous.  We try to manage the risks of climbing, but no guarantee of safety is provided or implied.  You may be injured or killed while climbing.