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North Carolina Rock Climbs ⇒

Looking Glass Climbing

Looking Glass Rock

North Carolina rock climbing is some of the best in the United States, and includes exceptional quality granite faces from 200 to 1000 feet in height.  Further, the crags are easily accessible from many major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Asheville, and other large southeastern cities.  Some key areas are listed below.

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Looking Glass ⇒
  • Rat's Ass (5.8), 3 pitches. Fantastic corner climbing on exquisite granite in a beautiful location.
  • The Nose (5.8), 4 pitches. World famous--and worth the hype.
  • Sundial Crack (5.8), 4 pitches. Interesting crack, face and eyebrow climbing.
  • Gemini Crack (5.8), 3 pitches. Slab to right facing corner to straight-in crack bliss.
  • Second Coming (5.7), 3 pitches. Undulating face and crack climbing with some friction feet thrown in for good measure.
  • Dinkus Dog (5.10), 2 pitches. Beautiful near vertical face climbing on tiger-striped, clean NC granite.
  • The Odyssey (5.11), 3-4 pitches. Ultra classic face climbing on the Sun Wall.
  • The Womb (5.11), 2-3 pitches. Crack to Odd Offwidth to crack. Excellent quality climb.
  • And many, many more.
Whitesides ⇒
  • Original Route (5.11), 9-11 pitches.   Varied climbing on a magical headwall in the heart of the North Carolina granite belt.
Cedar Rock
  • Toads are Us (5.9), 1-2 pitches.  Stellar face climbing down low with traversing slab climbing up high.
Linville Gorge ⇒
  • The Mummy (5.5), 4-5 pitches.  Clean, vertical granite with face, crack, friction.  The total package.
  • The Daddy (5.6), 4-5 pitches.  Next door to The Mummy, a bit steep and a little harder.  Another stellar quality long climb, a Caroline 'must-do.'And many more . . .
Shortoff Mountain ⇒
  • Maginot Line (5.7), 3-4 pitches.  A beautiful varied line in the heart of the gorge.
  • Straight and Narrow (5.10), 2-3 pitches.  Just what the name says.  Straight up mixed face and crack climbing.  The climb tops out with stellar views of the Gorge.
Moore's Wall (Hanging Rock) ⇒
  • Zoo View (5.7-5.8).  Fantastic, steep, multi-pitch climbing on pristing white granite.  Does not get better.
  • Air Show (5.7-5.8).  similar to Zoo View, another super classic steep romp.  A world class climb at the grade of difficulty.
  • Do it or Dive (5.10). Single pitch face climb.  Subtle and sublime.
  • Quaker State (5.11).  A touch steeper and harder than Do it or Dive.  A must do if you climb at the grade.
Table Rock ⇒
  • Jim Dandy (5.4), 3 pitches.  Beautiful lower angle climbing on sharp Table Rock granite.  With it's pure eastern exposure, this is a great climb to be on to watch the sunrise, or to catch early morning sunlight on chilly days.
  • Cave Route (5.5), 3 pitches.  Another east facing lower angle route.
  • North Ridge (5.6), 3-5 pitches.  This route is great in the warmer months.  The aesthetic, steep North Ridge often catches dreamy breezes  from the NW side of the mountain.
  • White Lightning (5.8), 2-3 pitches.  A delightful melding of two other routes, this route starts in a crack and trends right through diverse terrain.
Stone Mountain
  • The Great Arch (5.5), 4-5 pitches.  The is the ultra-classic climb on the feature, and well worth the hype. Very large right facing feature with sinker finger cracks.   Sublime views.  From the top of the regular climb, you can short-rope to the true summit.
  • No Alternative (5.5), 2-3 pitches.  Friction, baby, yeah.  Classic.

South Face Mt Yonah

Georgia Rock Climbs ⇒

Georgia is home to some excellent rock climbing.  Perhaps surprisingly, some of the rocks are hundreds of feet high allowing for both shorter and longer (multi-pitch) climbing. Below are listed several of the more popular areas and a handful of the well known climbs.  There are dozens more.

Mount Yonah
  • Stairway to Heaven (5.8), 2 pitches. Nice waterstreak climbing with fantastic views of the lowlands.
  • Lucy in the Sky (5.10), 2 pitches.  Face climbing on the large south facing slab.
  • Army Routes (5.4-5.6), 2-3 pitches.  A great place to learn friction and multi-pitch climbing.
  • Stanard's Crack (5.8). A fun crack climb on very nice rock.
Tallulah Gorge
  • Digital Delight (5.8), 4 pitches.  Varied route with face, crack and corner climbing, and it tops out on the rim of the gorge.
  • Punk Wave (5.10), 3 pitches.  Another highly varied climb.  Corner climbing, then face and finally roofs to finish.
  • Mescaline Daydream (5.8), 2 pitches.  Corner to roof--then corner to roof again!  A fun romp through exposed Tallulah terrain!
  • Flying Frog (5.10)  1 long pitch.  An incredibly aesthetic climb through face and corners.
Lost Wall
  • Black Pig (5.9).  Superb crack climbing.
  • Booze and Br**ds (5.9).  More great crack climbing.


Late Fall @ Sunset

Tennessee Rock Climbs ⇒

Sunset Park
  • Rattlesnake Route (5.8), 3 pitches.  Fantastic corner climbing on exquisite granite in a beautiful location.
  • S'more (5.8).  Great corner and roof climbing.
  • Flagstone (5.11).  Exquisite steep face climbing.
  • Scream Wall (5.10).  Steep face and crack.  A great climb for technique practice.
  • Spring Break (5.8).  Steep crack to an arete.
  • R.J. Gold (5.9).  Finger crack fun.
  • Blonde Ambition (5.7). Super high quality climbing in a great position on the wall.
  • Free to Think (5.8).  Right corner to face climbing.
  • Cracked Actor (5.10).  Crack time near Chattanooga TN
  • Girls Only (5.10).  Fun face climbing.
  • Vogen Slab (5.9).  Shorter fun face climbing.




Alabama Rock Climbs

  • On the Beach (5.8). Crack climbing in Alabama!
  • The Standard Route (5.6). Interesting corner climbing.  Great for the grade.
  • Walking the Dog (5.9).  Very nice steep face climbing.
  • Popular Science (Golden Flake) (5.9).  Cracks to more cracks.  Great place to learn/polish your finger technique.


Goshen Fun

Virginia Rock Climbs

Area #1 (near Roanoke)
  • Undercut (5.10).  A hard boulder start leads to pleasant face climbing and great views.
  • Bat Attack Crack (5.7). Fun moves in a lower left facing corner give way to several "chimney" moves and then a face to finish.
Goshen (near Lexington)
  • Stinky Pinky (5.9).  Fun face with a roof to finish.
  • S turns (5.9). Short but sweet 5.9 climb.
  • The Trough (5.6).  Lower angle climb great for novices.
  • The Standard Route (5.6). Interesting corner climbing.  Great for the grade.
  • Walking the Dog (5.9).  Very nice steep face climbing.
  • Popular Science (Golden Flake) (5.9).  Cracks to more cracks.  Great place to learn/polish your finger technique.