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Northeast Ice Climbing 

Every year in the winter, when ice conditions are bad or as ice conditions deteriorate in the southeast, we get calls and e-mails from parties who want to go ice climbing in North Carolina with us.  Now we offer the option of a custom trip to New Hampshire or New York state using our guiding services.  These trips are only slightly more expensive  to the client than a trip to local ice climbing areas. We have always offered custom trips to New York, New Hampshire, Colorado, etc., but now we are offering this structured, group trip for climbers of all abilities.



$500 US per person, 3 person minimum


3 Days, 3 Nights Accommodations at the Cobblestone Lodge


3 Days Guiding Services (Intro, Intermediate, or Advanced Instruction) with a guide from the southeast (who can follow your progress and follow-up locally).  Click here for your guide's qualifications.


Transportation to/from Albany N.Y. airport.


Equipment (Boots, Crampons, Ice Tools, Helmet, Harness).


Interested parties should contact climb@granitearches.com or call 423-413-1432

The Climbing

Beginner Ice Climbing Course, NY.,  Dec. 2003

Adirondacks Advanced Ice Course, Jan. 2003

Adirondack Gullies, Jan. 2003

Adirondacks, NY, 2003













The Cobblestone Lodge

Bedrooms at Cobblestone

Sauna at Cobblestone Lodge




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